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Cleanroom Hood

The patented Clean Room hood is supplied in double sterile packaging. Surrounding air is drawn in through a P3 felt or through an odor filter. The contaminated expelled air is drawn out through a blower motor and released into the surrounding air via a P3 Filter.

The hood is supplied with a disposable, sterile connecting pipe and is individually adjustable to any user. The hood offers a maximum of product safety together with a high degree of comfort.


Head Area
On the top of the hood is a particle filter through which outside air is drawn into the hood.

Forehead Band
Fixes the hood and forms the visor. The soft forehead band ensures a high degree of comfort.

PC Visor
Supplied flat, without unwanted creases. Ergonomically formed for an unrestricted field of vision.

Breathing Air Hosepipe
Is securely attached to the hood via a special clip.

Exhaled Air
The exhaled air is sucked out via a P3 filter and discharged into the surrounding air.

Blower Motor
Is used inversely so that an under-pressure in the hood is created. Thus the exhaled air is expelled and new air can be drawn in via the P3 fleece filter.

Technical Specifications
Country of Production: Europe
Approvals: Getestet nach EN 12941
Air source: Smartblower
Protection Class: Product Protection
Airflow: 140 l/min
Hose Connection: Special
Temperaturbereich: -10°C bis +40°C <70% RH
Weight: 150g
Material Limited-Use: Polysafe


Cleanroom Hood

e-breathe Cleanroom Hood

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