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PM Lab Hood AV

The improved PM Lab Hood AV offers the user high wearing comfort and effective protection. The complete hood consists of a particle-tight, low-noise and lint-free material with integrated eye protection and shoulder cover.
In combination with an air source (Powered air-purifying respirator or compressed air regulator valve) a constant overpressure is built up in the hood so that it is working self-supporting and without any headgear.

The overpressure in the hood ensures the highest protection class. while the airflow does not blow unpleasantly into the wearer‘s face. Because the air flows inside the hood along the inside of the large PC visor. The headgear can be universally adjusted to any head. The flap can be worn outside or inside a protective suit. Worn inside the suit, the outflow air provides heat balance within the suit.


Limited-use hoods can be used multiple times and are ideal for applications where the head piece needs to be changed frequently and cleaning may not be economical.

Reusable Hood:
The premium reusable hood version consists of a reusable, water-repellent material and is suitable for multiple use. The hood can be cleaned and disinfected. This is both economical and environmentally friendly.

• Certified respiratory protection according to EN 12941 Protection Class TH3
• Certified respiratory protection according to EN 14594 Protection Class 3A
• breathing, face, neck and shoulder protection
• Headband universal adjustable from size S-XXL
• distortion free panoramic view
• suitable for beard and spectacle wearers
• Extremely low weight
• no limits on application time
• sterile version available with product protection exhalation valve

Technical Specifications
Country of Production: Germany Germany Germany Germany
Approvals: CE certified according to
EN 12941
CE certified according to
EN 12941
CE certified according to
EN 12941
CE certified according to
EN 14594
Air source: e-breathe e-Flow Smartblower PM Proflow 2 SC / EX e-breathe e-Line
Protection Class: TH3 TH3 TH3 3A
Airflow: 160 – 180 – 200 l/min 140 l/min 120 l/min 160 – 280 l/min
Hose Connection: e-breathe Klick-System e-breathe Klick-System e-breathe Klick-System e-breathe Klick-System
Operating temperature: -10°C bis +40°C <70% RH -10°C bis +40°C <70% RH -10°C bis +40°C <70% RH -0°C bis +40°C <70% RH
Weight: 170g 170g 170g 170g
Material Limited-Use: Polysafe Polysafe Polysafe Polysafe
Material Mehrweg: Bluesafe Bluesafe Bluesafe



PM Lab Hood AV

PM Lab Hood AV

Art. No. 700001008

PM Lab Hood AV

PM Lab Hood AV

Art. No. 322015603

Ready-Pack Proflow

PM Proflow 2 SC
with PM PM Lab Hood AV

Art. No. 302001021

Ready-Pack Smartblower

Ready Pack Smartblower One filter-System with PM Lab Hood AV

Art. No. 322002119

Breathing Hoses

Accessory & Spare Parts

Breathing Hoses flexible

e-breathe Klick-Connection
Art. No. 322001109

Breathing Hoses fixed length

e-breathe Klick-Connection
Art. No. 322011109

Protective cover

Limited-Use Protective cover for breathing air hoses.

Art. No. 116001041

e-breathe Exhalation Valve

Art. No. 23010300

e-breathe Exhalation Valve

e-breathe Exhalation Valve Product Protection.

Art. No. 23010309

Product Protection Fleece

e-breathe Product Protection Fleece (50x)

Art. No. 101052692

Safety rubber for hosepipe

Replacement rubber for attachment to the hosepipe Click Adapter for even better grip.

Art. No. 322000995 (Pieces 4)

e-breathe Silicone Valve

The valve is located close to nose and mouth, which ensures optimum removal of expelled air.

Art. No. 322004045