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e-breathe Y-Connector

The Y-Connector combines 2 filters with the Smartblower motor, enabling the air supply and the air consumption to be spread through 2 filters. To increase the air volume or to extend the lifetime of the filters the Y-Connector can be used with two particle filters.

Product characteristics:
• small, lightweight modules for particle filters
• high level of wearer comfort thanks to a unique ergonomic design
• optimum air volume and maximum stand time from two particle filters

The Y-Connector is available in 2 versions:
• Y-Connector Hip: Connected to the BeltClip it can be worn directly on the belt.
• Y-Connector: Due to the bayonet lock it can be connected directly to the back carrying Smartbelt System.

Can be combined with:

e-breathe Smartblower

e-breathe Smartbelt

e-breathe BeltClip


e-breathe Y-Connector (For Smartbelt)

Art. No. 322003000 

Y-Connector Hip

e-breathe Y-Connector Hip (For belt clip)

Art. No. 322003001

e-breathe Smartbelt

You can find the Smartbelt on the separate page.