Full Face Mask

The Panarea Full Face Mask is ideally suited for all applications that require respiratory protection with a full face mask. The mask body is made of silicone and offers maximum wearing comfort. Due to the soft and skin-friendly silicone rubber, the mask combines pleasant wearing characteristics with a long durability.

The curved Anti-Fog panoramic visor made of polycarbonate offers an unlimited field of vision without restrictions. A scratch-resistant anti-fog screen is fitted as standard.

Due to the special fit, one universal size covers all sizes. The five-point banding enables easy and quick application and a very good sealing fit.

Panarea Vollmaske PM Atemschutz

Filter Connection:
The single filter mask is equipped with a DIN standard 40mm round thread (RD40). Thus, all approved filters with a DIN round thread connection according to EN148-1 and a weight below 500g can be used. As a result, a large number of different filter
types are available for specific applications. Advantages of using e-breathable respiratory filters: Depending on the application, you can use the same filters for the mask and for the blower filter unit.

Respiratory support from different air sources:
The full face mask is approved with different air sources and can therefore also be used for overpressure operation with a PAPR or with a compressed air regulator valve.

The air source builds up a constant overpressure in the mask and supplies the user with breathable air. The breathing support extends the prescribed wearing time limit and significantly eases the user‘s work when wearing the equipment.

Country of Production:ItalyGermanyGermanyGermany
Approvals:CE certified according to
EN 136
CE certified according to
EN 12942
CE certified according to
EN 12942
CE certified according to
EN 14594
Air source:e-breathe e-Flowe-breathe Smartblowere-breathe e-Line
Protection Class:Klass 3TM3TM34A
Airflow:140 l/min160 l/min160 – 280 l/min
Filter- / Hose Connection:DIN-round threadDIN-round threadDIN-round threadDIN-round thread
numbers of filters:1 x Filter2 x Filter1 x FilterCA Filter Station
Operating temperature:-20°C / +50°C <70% RH-10°C bis +45°C <70% RH-10°C bis +40°C <70% RH-0°C bis +45°C <70% RH
Weight:700 g700 g700 g700 g
Mask material:SiliconeSiliconeSiliconeSilicone

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Vollmasken PM Atemschutz Panarea Pro

Full Face Mask

Art. No. 701-007-000

Full Face Mask Panarea Pro

Ready-Pack Smartblower

Ready-Pack Smartblower

Art. No. 322-002-133

Ready Pack Smartblower Full Face Mask-System with Panarea Pro

Ready-Pack e-breathe e-Flow

Ready-Pack e-breathe e-Flow

Art. No. 322-005-900

e-breathe Ready-Pack e-Flow with PM Panarea Pro

Ready-Pack Smartblower

Ready-Pack Smartblower

Art. No. 322-007-170

Ready-Pack e-breathe e-Line with Panarea Pro

Breathing Hoses

Vollmasken Atemschlauch Flexibel

Breathing Hoses flexible

Art. No. 302-711-100

Vollmasken Atemschlauch mit fester Länge

Breathing Hoses fixed length

Art. No. 302-711-103

Vollmasken Atemschlauch mit fester Länge aus EPDM

Breathing Hoses EPDM

Art. No. 302-711-108

Accessory & Spare Parts

e-breathe Multimask Schutzfolie Visier

Protective Foil

Art. No.  101-063-094 (10 pieces)

Protects the visor against scratches.

Vollmasken Kopfband Panarea

Panarea Headband

Art. No. 701-007-001

Sichtscheibe Panarea

Panarea Visor

Art. No. 701-007-002

Ausatemventil Panarea

Panarea exhalation valve

Art. No. 701-002-004

Einatemventil Panarea

Panarea inhalation valve

Art. No. 701-002-006

e-breathe Cleaning Bag

e-breathe Cleaning Bag

Art. No. 322-002-108

Multimask Desinfektionsmittel


Art. No. 129-001-000

Atemschutzzubehör Sprühkopf Basic

Spray Head

Art. No. 129-001-001

Spray Head for Disinfectant
Material: Plastic

e-breathe Multimask Kopfhaube


Art.No. 116-001-040

Schutzüberzug für Schlauch

Protection Cover

Art. No. 116-001-041

Protective cover for breathing air hoses
Material: Limited-Use

Compatible with all e-breathe breathing air hoses

e-breathe Kombinationsfilter Atemschutzfilter A2B2E2K2-P3 R SL

Respiratory Protection Filters

Respiratory protection filters such as particle, gas or combination filters can be found here.


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