e-breathe Smartblower

The small and lightweight Smartblower respiratory protection system offers maximum flexibility and safety. The system has a modular construction and consists of a Battery/Control Unit (SVE), a connecting cable and the blower unit. The system can be extended according to specific requirements. The unit is suitable for pressurised applications and supplies the connected head piece with filtered breathing air. The blower is controlled by a 350g Battery/Control Unit and delivers an air volume from 140l/min up to 160l/min.

e-breathe Smartblower System

e-breathe Smartblower Full Face Mask-System

The Motor Unit can be easily screwed frontally between a half mask or a full face mask and a filter into the screw thread of the mask. The lightweight Battery /Control Unit can be attached to the hip belt. The blower serves as a breathing support. It extends the application time and results in a work facilitation for the user.

• Suitable for all applications, which require a protection with a full face mask
• Breathing assistance for the user & extension of application time
• Cost-effective due to one filter mode & e-breathe filter system
• Work facilitation for the user

e-breathe Smartblower Vollmasken-System

Automatic airflow readjustment The integrated software controls and monitors the airflow to ensure that the user is supplied with the required airflow rate even in the event of a more and more saturated filter or decreasing battery power. If the system is no longer able to ensure the correct airflow rate the system automatically gives the user an optical and audible warning.

Ultralight With only 435g in weight (Motor Unit + Battery Unit) the system is ultra-light. The blower motor impresses with its compact size and its weight of only 85g. Thanks to its very low weight the motor unit can directly be connected to a full face mask without a breathing hose. The lightweight and ergonomical design ensures an optimal weight balance of the unit and guarantees maximum comfort even during exhausting activities or in long-term use.

Wide range of components for every application To complete the system, e-breathe offers a wide range of compatible face pieces, such as half and full face masks or hoods, filters and accessories. The system provides a large number of options and accessories to best fit your application.

Exchangeable Lithium-Ion Battery The Battery/Control Unit consists of a Lithium-Ion Battery with a battery run from up to 8h. A second Battery/Control Unit can be used as an exchangeable battery and allows the user to work without a break. The simple and efficient quick charge system allows rapid charging (1 hour for 80% and 3 hours for the whole battery).

Protection Class IP67 The Battery/Control Unit and the Motor Unit feature heavy-duty design and achieve a high Protection Class IP67 (protection while temporarily submerged) in closed condition.

Country of Production:GermanyGermany
Approvals:Smartblower Hood-Mode
CE certified according to EN 12941 (TH3))
Smartblower Full Mask Mode->
CE certified according to EN 12942 (TM3)
Airflow:not adjustable on the device
140 – 160 l/min
not adjustable on the device
140 l/min
Airflow Warning:< 135 l/minNein
Battery Warning:< 15 min remaining runtime< 15 min remaining runtime
Battery:Lithium-Ion Battery: 11,25V / 2,95AhLithium-Ion Battery: 11,25V / 2,95Ah
Operating Time:approx. 6-8 hoursapprox. 6-8 hours
Battery Recharging Time:1 hour = 80% quick charge function
3 hours = 100%
1 hour = 80% quick charge function
3 hours = 100%
SVE:SVE Hood ModeSVE Full Mask Mode
Temperature Range:-0°C bis +40°C <70% RH-0°C bis +40°C <70% RH
Weight:ca. 470g (without belt / without filter)ca. 470g (without belt / without filter)
Alarm System:Optical alarm (displayed on display)
Audible alarm (≥ 75 dB )
Optical alarm (displayed on display)
Audible alarm (≥ 75 dB )

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Smartblower_Einfilter-System Starter Pack

e-breathe Smartblower One Filter Mode

Art. No. 322-002-100

e-breathe Smartblower Zweifilter-System

e-breathe Smartblower Two Filter Mode

Art. No. 322-002-201

e-breathe Smartblower System

e-breathe Smartblower Full Face Mask-System

Art. No. 322-002-200

Accessory & Spare Parts

e-breathe Smartblower Zubehör Motor

e-breathe Motor

Art. No. 322-002-102

The radial motor delivers an air volume of up to 180l/min. The blower motor impresses with its compact size and its weight of only 85g.

• IP-67 watertight
• connection DIN round, threaded filter

Atemschutzgebläse Smartblower SVE-Einheit


Different Versions available:

The blower is controlled by a 350g Battery/Control Unit. All important functions may be accessed via one simple menu.

• optical and audible warning 
• Displays: usage time, air volume, filter status, battery

SVE One Filter Mode:
Art. No. 322-002-103  
SVE Full Face Mask Mode:
Art. No. 322-002-113 

e-breathe Smartblower SVE-Einheit Ladestation

SVE Charging Station

Art. No. 322-002-101

Charging station for the SVE. Charges the SVE to 80% in one hour and to 100% in 3 hours.

e-breathe Smartblower SVE Spiralkabel 2.0 DV

Spiral SVE cable 2.0 DV

Art. No. 322-002-137

Connection cable for motor unit and SVE.

e-breathe Smartblower SVE Kabel lang 2.0 DV

Long SVE cable 2.0 DV

Art. No. 322-002-139

Connecting cable for motor unit and SVE.

SVE kurzes Verbindungskabel 1.0

Short SVE cable 1.0

Art. No. 322-002-104

Connecting cable for motor unit and SVE.

e-breathe Dekon-Verschlusskappen

Decontamination Set

Art. No. 500-510-046

Smartblower Gurt

Smartblower Belt

Art. No. 322-002-105

Adjustable nylon belt with plastic fastener.

Gurt Dekon, größenverstellbar

Belt Dekon

Art. No. 302-062-996

Adjustable PVC belt with plastic fastener.

e-breathe Y-Connector Adapter System


Y-Con. – Art. No. 322-003-000 
Y-Con. – Art. No. 322-003-001

e-breathe Smartbelt Rückengurtsystem

e-breathe Smartbelt

You can find the Smartbelt here.

e-breathe Gurt Clip

Belt Clip

Art. No. 322-004-021

The belt clip enables free positioning of the blower on the belt. This ensures freedom of movement and high wearer comfort. The halter can easily be removed from the belt for cleaning.

Aufbewahrungskoffer für sichere Lagerung der Gebläse-Einheit

Storage Case

Art. No. 119-458-616

e-breathe Wandhalterung für Ladeschale

e-breathe Wall Mount

Art. No. 322-002-105

Wall Mount for Charging Station.

e-breathe Vorfilter

e-breathe Prefilters

Art. No. 302-052-691

e-breathe Kombinationsfilter Atemschutzfilter A2B2E2K2-P3 R SL

e-breathe Filters

Respiratory protection filters can be found here.

Multimask Desinfektionsmittel


Art. No. 129-001-000

PM PSA Rapid Disinfectant

Atemschutzzubehör Sprühkopf Basic

Spray head for Disinfectant

Art. No. 129-001-001


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