e-breathe Smartbelt Backbelt System

The innovative method of wearing makes the system suitable for diverse uses. Its light weight and flexibility permits free arm movement without hindering the wearer in any way.

The system distinguishes itself through a modular construction. Through this, the highest flexibility is enabled for the user. The modules can be combined depending on the specific purpose and thus, offer five different wearing options.

The shape of the back cushion as well as the breathable functional foam provides a continuous ventilation of the back. Therefore, warm air and humidity are removed more efficiently.

The centrepiece of the system are the wings including the bayonet locking for the Y-Connector and the swivel joint. The bayonet locking is a safe attachment for the Y-Connector and enables a balanced weight distribution.

Shoulder belt
The lightweight bearers are made from stable, breathable net fabric.

Safety presstuds
Enable easy adjustment of fit and reduce the likelihood of unintended opening.

Bayonet locking
This innovative link ensures fast and safe detachment of the Y-Connector with the blower unit.

Innovative belt system
The belt system combines 3 wearer positions for all uses.

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Smartbelt Backbelt System

Art. No. 322-003-002

Smartbelt Backbelt System

Smartbelt Rucksack

Smartbelt Backpack

Art. No. 322-003-008

Smartbelt Backbelt

Smartbelt Hüftgurt

Smartbelt Hipbelt

Art. No. 322-003-009

Spare Parts & Accessories

The Smart Belt is constructed so that the wearer can assemble it according to his or her individual needs. Each component can be replaced or the system can be expanded by the addition of a new component.

e-breathe Gebläse Gürtel

Blower Belt

Art. No. 322-003-003

Blower Belt

Smartbelt Rucksack Geschirr

Smartbelt Backpack Harness

Art. No. 322-003-004

Smartbelt Backpack Harness

Smartbelt Flügel

Smartbelt Wings

Art. No. 322-003-005

Smartbelt Wings

Smartbelt Schnallenband

Smartbelt Buckle Strap

Art. No. 322-003-006

Smartbelt Buckle Strap

Smartbelt Gurtverlängerung

Smartbelt Belt Extension

Art. No. 322-003-010

Smartbelt Belt Extension

Smartbelt Aufbewahrungsbeutel

Smartbelt Storage Bag

Art. No. 322-003-013

Smartbelt Storage Bag


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