e-breathe Multimask System

The innovative concept of the e-breathe Multimask is based on a modularly developed face shield, which can be operated with a powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) and/or compressed air. Engineers were able to successfully integrate suggestions for improvement from numerous direct users into a whole new concept of respiratory protection. The result convinces by functionality and comfort.

The Multimask was designed to cover a wide spectrum of various applications and requirements. To ensure maximum functionality and comfort, e-breathe offers a wide range of compatible accessories and spare parts. The Multimask was designed modular which enables the user to compose the mask to the respective application to best fit the individual requirements.

Multimask Pro 2nd Generation

NEW! Multimask Pro 2nd generation with new face seals!

The new face seals of the second generation have an improved fit and a click-in system for easier and faster assembly. Different face seals made of different materials are available, which can be individually adjusted to the user’s needs.

Face seal:
– New click-lock system for easier assembly
– New improved fit
– Easy to change and wash
– Materials: neoprene, silicone, foam, mesh

Multimask Pro 2. Generation

Air Control
Due to the patented click adaptor, the user has now the opportunity to decide from which direction fresh air should flow into the mask. Three different positions of the air ducts, which are arranged inside the mask frame with utmost accuracy, allow the user to regulate the air supply according to his needs. By rotating the click adaptor the user can decide whether the air supply comes only from the top or the bottom of the mask, or from both directions at the same time.

Exhalation Valve
The exhalation valve provides the safest possibility to remove exhaled air from the inside of the mask. Therefore, the valve prevents not only a steamed up visor but also a dangerous excess of carbon dioxide inside the mask. In addition to that, the proximity of the valve to the user’s mouth improves communication while wearing the Multimask.

Eccentric Screws
Rotating the eccentric closure fi xes the visor and takes up the headgear. Due to the rotation the visor is pushed against the visor seal resulting in additional sealing. Both, the headgear and the visor of the Multimask can be exchanged without any additional tools.

Hose Connection
The hose connector is attached to the Multimask with one easy click. Thus, the Multimask does not only meet the newest requirements of European standards.

Country of Production:GermanyGermanyGermany
Approvals:Multimask / Pro
CE certified according to EN 12941
Multimask / Pro
CE certified according to EN 12941
Multimask / Pro
CE certified according to EN 14594
Air source:e-breathe e-FlowPM Proflow 2 SC / EX 160e-breathe e-Line
Protection Class / NPF:TH3 / 500TH3 / 500 & TH2 / 503B / 200
Airflow:160 – 180 – 200 l/min160 l/min160 – 280 l/min
Hose Connection:Vario & MMVario & MMVario & MM
Eye Protection:EN 166 Klasse BEN 166 Klasse BEN 166 Klasse B
Operating temperature:-10°C bis +45°C <70% RH-10°C bis +40°C <70% RH-0°C bis +40°C <70% RH
Weight Headpiece:375g375g375g
Face Seal::Silicone, Neoprene & FoamSilicone & NeopreneSilicone, Neoprene & Foam

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Multimask Pro 2. Generation Silicon

Multimask with Click Silicon

Article no. 322-003-994

Multimask Pro 2. Generation Foam

Multimask Pro 2. Generation Foam

With face seal click foam

Art. No. 322-003-996


Multimask Mesh Klicken beidseitig

Multimask Pro 2. Generation Mesh

With face seal click mesh

Art. No. 322-003-995


Ready Pack Multimask Foam

Ready-Pack 1

Article no. 322-005-240

Multimask Pro 2. Generation Foam with e-Flow (PAD-System)

Ready Pack e-breathe Mesh

Ready-Pack 2

Article no. 322-005-250

Multimask Pro 2. Generation Mesh with e-Flow (PAD-System)

Ready-Pack 3

Article no. 322-005-260

Multimask Pro 2. Generation Silicon with e-Flow (PAD-System)

Ready-Pack 5

Article no. 322-007-120

Multimask Pro 2. Generation Foam with e-line 

Ready-Pack 6

Article no. 322-007-110

Multimask Pro 2. Generation Mesh with e-line

Ready-Pack 7

Article no. 322-005-260

Multimask Pro 2. Generation Silicon with e-line 

Breathing Hoses

Atemschlauch Flexibel

Breathing Hoses flexible

Art. No. 322-000-996

Art. No. 322-000-997

Atemschläuche feste Länge

Breathing Hoses fixed length

Art. No. 302-711-105

Art. No. 302-711-104

Multimask Atemschlauch EPDM

Breathing Hoses EPDM

Art. No. 302-711-107

Art. No. 302-711-106

Accessory & Spare Parts

Multimask Klick Mesh Gesichtsabdichtung

Face Seal (Pro) Click Mesh

Art. No. 322-004-044 – Mesh

New! The face seals are now available as a click-in protection, enabling easy exchangeablility.

Gesichtsabdichtung Foam

Face Seal (Pro) Click Foam

Art. No. 322-004-039 – Foam

The face seals are now available as a click-in protection, enabling easy exchangeablility.

Gesichtsabdichtung Klick Silikon

Article no. 322-004-060

New face seal made of silicone for maximum comfort. It can be easily and quickly replaced thanks to the click-in frame.

Accessories & Spare Parts

Multimask Maskenrahmen

Multimask Frame

Art. No. 322-004-050

Multimask Frame with visor sealing & silicone valve.

e-breathe Visierdichtung

Visor Seal

Art. No.  322-004-008

The easy-to-replace visor is sealed by a sponge rubber seal, which ensures effective protection from external influences.

e-breathe Multimask Brillenadapter System

Spectacle Adapter

Art.No. upon request – Adapter
Art.No. 100-012-790 – Spectacle frame (without glasses)

Spectacle Adapter Multimask.

Hood Multimask

Art.No. 116-001-047 – Limited Use
Art.No. On request – Reusable
Art.No. On request – Heat protection

Standard Kopfband Mutlimask


Art. No. 322-004-020

Standard headband for Multimask

Comfort Headband

Art. No. 322-004-028

Comfort headband for Multimask

Halteschlaufen für Kopfband

Holding strap for the headband

Art. No. 128-076-216

Holding strap for the headband to fix the positioning.

Straps for headband Pro

Art.No. 322-004-038 Set

Straps for headband (Pair).

Ventilblatt e-breathe

e-breathe Silicone Valve

Art. No. 322-004-045

The valve is located close to nose and mouth, which ensures optimum removal of expelled air and renders a speech membrane superfluous.


Visor Polycarbonat

Art. No. 322-004-009 – Standard
Art. No. 322-004-010 – non-scratch
Art. No. 322-004-011 – Anti-Fog

Higher blow firmness and resistant to temperature.


Visor Cellulose Acetat

Art.No. 322-004-014 – Standard
Art.No. 322-004-043 CA 2.0 Anti-Fog 

High chemical resistance.

Multimask Visor PC Gold

Multimask Visor PC / Gold

Art. No. 322-004-049

Gold coated, heat protection.

e-breathe Multimask Schutzfolie Visier

Protective Foil

Art. No.  101-063-094 (10 pieces)

Protects the visor against scratches.

Multimask Desinfektionsmittel


Art. No. 129-001-000 – Rapid

PM PSA Ultra Desinfektionsmittel


Art. No. 129-001-003 – Immersion

Atemschutzzubehör Sprühkopf Basic

Spray Head for Disinfectant

Art. No. 129-001-001

e-breathe Cleaning Bag

e-breathe Cleaning Bag

Art. No. 322-002-108


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