e-breathe Splash SUIT

Overpressure protective suits

The e-breathe Splash is a one-piece positive pressure respiratory protection suit that provides the highest level of protection against solid and liquid chemicals and radioactive contamination.

The suit is used in combination with one of the approved air sources e-breathe e-flow respirator blower or e-Line compressed air control valve.

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e-breathe Splash Suit Inside


The respiratory protection blower is worn inside the suit (only the filters are outside) to avoid contamination of the blower. The associated respiratory protection blower supplies a constant (adjustable) fresh air flow of 160-200 liters per minute into the air duct of the integrated hood via the breathing air hose. This reliably supplies the user with sufficient breathable air. The exhaled air is led out of the suit via four exhaust valves.


• EN 12941: TH3 with blower filter unit
• EN 14594: 3B with compressed air control valve
• EN 14605: Type 3 liquid-tight protective suits
• EN 14605: Type 4 spray-tight protective suits
• EN 13982: Type 5 particle-tight protective suits
• EN 1073-2: protection against solid radioactive particles
• EN 14126: Type 3B protection against infectious agents
• EN 13688: Protective clothing General requirements

e-breathe Atemschutzanzug Splash Inside

e-breathe Splash Inside

Atemschutzanzug e-breathe Splash Outside

Article no. 322-008-1xx  Gr.S – XXL

Model: Internal respirator blower, booties, conical sleeve

Model: Internal respirator, conical sleeve, attached boots (specify size)

Breathing Hoses

Atemschlauch feste Länge

Breathing Hoses fixed length

Art. No. 322-011-109
e-breathe Click-Connection

Atemschlauch Flexibel

Breathing Hoses flexible

Art. No. 322-001-109
e-breathe Click-Connection

Atemschlauch Flexibel mit Mundstück

Breathing Hoses flexible

Art. No. 322-004-055
e-breathe ESA-Connection

Atemschlauch Flexibel für Inside Überdruckschutzanzüge

Breathing Hoses flexible

Art. No. 302-001-111
e-breathe Inside-Connection

Atemschlauch feste Länge für Inside Überdruckschutzanzüge

Breathing Hoses fixed length

Art. No. 302-001-111
e-breathe Inside-Connection

Accessory & Spare Parts

e-breathe Ausatemventil

e-breathe Exhalation Valve

Art. No. 230-103-00

e-breathe Silikon Ventilblatt

e-breathe Flutter Valve

Art. No. 322-004-045

e-breathe Ausatemventil Produktschutz

Exhalation Valve Product Protection

Art. No. 230-103-09

e-breathe exhalation product protection

e-breathe Produktschutz Vlies

Product Protection Fleece

Art. No. 101-052-692

e-breathe product protection fleece

Ausatemventil Verschlusskappe

Exhalation Valve Closure Caps

Art. No. 230-103-010

e-breathe GSA Adapter

GSA Adapter

Art. No. 116-010-806

ESA Adapter Notbelüftung

Adapter Emergency Ventilation

Art. No. 322-004-051

ESA Verschlussstopfen für Notbelüftung

ESA Sealing Plug

Art. No. 322-004-052

Atemschutzanzug ESA Adapter

ESA Adapter

Art. No. 322-004-053

ESA Not-Druckluftadapter

ESA Emergency CA Adapter

Art. No. 322-004-058

Atemschutzanzug Mundstück Atemschlauch ESA

ESA Mouthpiece

Art. No. 322-004-054

Schutzüberzug für Schläuche

Protective cover

Art. No. 116-001-041


Protective Boots

Art. No. Upon request



Art. No. 700-012-60x
Size M – XL

Moisture-absorbing undersuits for more comfort when working with protective suits.


Protective Gloves

Art. No. Upon request


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