We create solutions – from the vision to the product

Conception / Planning

Each development starts with a problem, which in the best case has already produced a good idea as a solution. Therefore we get to the bottom of this approach, check the feasibility, analyze the project also with regard to the economic efficiency and research the technical and legal framework. If required, we provide alternatives. Based on the results, we develop a concept from which the specifications for design and development are developed.

Development / Construction

During the planning phase, a vision became a concrete object. Our construction department transforms the designed product into a virtual life. A 3D model is created, which is optimized by our experts in various dimensions – such as manufacturing conditions and flow properties. At the end of the process, the finished model is the basis for the development of a prototype.

Prototype and Trial Model

Based on a concept, our development department has developed a 3D model on the computer, which has to prove itself as a prototype in the next step. We create functional models from the model data using the 3D printer. These models are tested and the results are used again in further product development until the finished prototype is available as a sample.

Tests and Certification

First tests according to DIN EN standards are carried out with close-to-production prototypes, as well as further tests depending on the requirements profile. In some cases the tests are carried out on our premises, depending on the test procedure we also cooperate with external partners. Once all specifications have been met and confirmed, the product can be certified.


The development process is completed with the successful certification. The product is ready for production. All processes of the necessary production chain are organized and accompanied by us. From pre-series to series production, our products are manufactured exclusively in Germany and EU countries – this guarantees short delivery routes. Our choice of production partners is based upon the highest standards of quality.